Our Staff

We are proud of our high ratio of staff to children in our Preschool, which ensures individual care and attention to meet the needs and development of each individual child.

Sharon Brown – Level 5 – Manager - DSL – ENCO - First Aid

Michelle Garside - Level 3 - Deputy Manager - First Aid - Deputy DSL

Wendy Lewin – Level 3 –SENCO - First Aid

Eleanor Buck – Level 3 -First Aid - Fire Safety

Suzy Curtis Howitz - Teacher - First Aid

​Megan Harvey - Level 3 - First Aid - Deputy SENCO

All practitioners are qualified or are training for a childcare qualification and regularly attend safeguarding and First Aid training. They also attend training courses in more specialised areas on a regular basis.


Chairman – Laura Evans- 


Secretary  - Lucy Altuzarra- 


Treasurer –James Ashdown - james.ashdown@puddletown-preschool.com

Committee Member – Nicky Coulson

Committee Member – Hannah Foley

Co-Opted Member – Alan Jones

Co-Opted Member - Daniel Hunwick

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