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Children attending Pre-school will have a personal online E-Learning Journal, documenting their experiences and development during their time with us. 

What is Tapestry?

Tapestry is a secure online system which holds observations and developmental records about your child in an E-Learning Journal.

Why Tapestry?

Tapestry provides parents/carers with the ability to view their child’s personal e-learning journal at any time which can be viewed and contributed to by the parent/carer and other authorised family members. It will provide parents/carers who are unable to attend the setting daily the opportunity to have some two-way feedback with their child’s key person and other members of staff in the setting. 

How to access the E-Learning Journal?

Using your username and password you will be able log on to view photographs and observations of your child. You will even receive an email telling you when a new observation or piece of work is available for you to view. This will enable you to follow your child's individual progress closely and allow you to talk with your child about their achievements and experiences each day.

Parents will be issued with a password to enable them to log in to their child’s personal E-learning Journal. This will be done via the Pre-school's Tapestry website where you are able to log in. Each parent can register their own email address in order to have individual log in and access. Parents who do not have access to email/internet will be able to log in using the Pre-school's equipment or receive their child’s E-learning Journal in printed form.

When will this happen?

Once we have received the Permission and Usage Agreement, you will receive your personal log in details for your child’s E-learning Journal. You will be issued with a password and further details about how to access and use your child's E-Learning Journal.

If you have any questions about the Tapestry system please do not hesitate to ask our Pre-school manager or Deputy Manager. Alternatively visit for more information.

What do current parents/carers of Puddletown Preschool think about Tapestry?

"I love tapestry, it's so easy to use. I can add observations and notes for the teacher and they can quickly and easily communicate back with me.  It's lovely to have the record of your child's achievements too!" Laura 

"Tapestry gives you a great insight in to what your child is doing whilst at preschool and allows you to easily see their progress over the year." James 

"Tapestry is a great resource.  It gives me a visual incite into my daughters day and shows me what she is learning." Tara 

"We love to use tapestry as a way of being shown what our little boy gets up to, he can be quite shy so when we receive a notification with something he has achieved or when he is interacting with others it makes us very happy to know that he is settled. It's a brilliant tool to use as a parent to show the preschool all the things we get up to, big and small, so they can see his development outside the preschool also." Faye 

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